What You Need to Know about Low Testosterone


Despite many fearing low testosterone, a study conducted recently shows that quarter of the adult males are affected at some point in their life. Low testosterone is a blow to the ego and physical body of a healthy, red-blooded male. One of the indicators of poor health is low testosterone which may also cause you to become fatigued and lethargic. By reading this article, you will discover more about some of the factors which attribute to low testosterone.  Learn more about this service.

One of the causes of low testosterone is stress because when a person freaks out, they inhibit the efficiency of testosterone in the body. The reason why testosterone’s efficiency in the body will be blocked is that chronic stress triggers the increase of cortisol levels that’s will eventually stunt the central hormone pathways. Therefore if you want to ensure that stress does not cause you to have low testosterone, ensure that you can manage your stress levels. Carbs will also result in low testosterone in the male adult. Consumption of carbs that are refined commonly leads to elevated levels of insulin that may interrupt the pathways of the central hormone in the body and consequently you will hinder the production of testosterone. If you want to ensure that you’re not affected by low testosterone, you should evaluate your diet and make sure that you reduce the consumption of carbs.  For more details, read more here!

Drinking beer is also one of the top factors that may decrease the testosterone levels in your body. Beer contains ingredients which have the effect of negatively impacting your testosterone levels. You should, therefore, minimize the intake of beer since this will promote your health and also enhance the production of testosterone in your body. The other common cause of low testosterone in the body is when you do not engage in any exercises. Men who barely engage in exercises are likely going to grow overweight and will have major problems in ensuring that their bodies produce the normal levels of testosterone. To avoid being overweight and having problems with the production of testosterone, male adults should hit the gym regularly. Low testosterone levels are also caused by poor sleeping habits. Depriving yourself of sleep will cause you to have low testosterone levels since you will be demotivated and moody throughout the day which makes it essential for you to sleep for the recommended hours. If you want to learn more about how you can increase the production of the testosterone in your body, click here.